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Relocation Services

Our exceptional relocation team can and do ensure that all of our Plexus nurses are well taken care of and well prepared for work as soon as they land.

The famous "Plexus Welcome Package" - Copied poorly by some, Envied by all!

  • We can arrange for one of our great team of chauffeurs to pick up the nurse and his/her family from any International Airport
  • We usually arrange for overnight accommodation at a high quality hotel
  • We arrange for the nurse to have all the information required to set up a bank account, tax file number, private health insurance etc
  • We provide advice and support in finding schools, jobs for spouses etc (if required)
  • We provide a 'welcome' hamper to make your employee feel at home which includes an Australian or NZ SIM card to let you be in contact with the candidate as soon as they land!

Some other agencies have tried to copy this wonderful service but they have failed because Plexus has what they don't ...... staff who really care! This is what our candidates have had to say about this service:

"We have had excellent dealings with Plexus - all staff were so helpful. I worked with a very dedicated relocation coordinator who was happy to talk to me out of hours"

Jennifer C (now in Perth, WA) 

"Our relocation was excellent and well planned. As a family of 5 the limo service from the airport was greatly appreciated. I must say the whole service was magical"

Sojia A (now in Brisbane, QLD)

"Throughout the whole process the service was superb. We didn't find any difficulties in the process. Really good, really quality service"

Suganthy B (now living in Darwin)

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