Making the Move

The Australian Lifestyle

If you are fed up of being indoors from September to April then Australia could be the answer to your prayers. Here you can eat breakfast outside every day of the year - even if in the southern states you might have to pop on a jumper! One thing is for sure, unless you are into skiing - you can get rid of your big winter coat forever. As for activites - they are plentiful and acessible. Priced in a way that allows participation by all you can attend cricket games, join ballet classes, tour vineyards or go diving. If it is done - it is done here. Australia is essentially a country of migrants and is now one of the most multicultural nations in the world. Australians celebrate the contribution of other cultures and the incredible influence that migrants have had on Australia is evident in everything from cuisine to art and literature.

Remember, all activities are accessible and affordable. Click here for further information on the cost of living. We have provided information on Nurses Salaries.

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