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‘Nurses Recruit Nurses’

All screening interviews are carried out by qualified nurses or allied health professionals so you can be sure that we ‘speak the same language' and alll potential candidates have met the standards required. When you contact Plexus, you can be sure that you will be talking with experts who not only understand your field but also undertsand what sort of candidate you need.

This is one of the many things that sets us apart from other agencies...its 'Nurses recruiting Nurses" and our professionalism shows through in everything we do.

No upfront costs

At Plexus we only charge once. This is not when the candidate signs, this is not when their visa is approved, this is when they start work at your facility - nothing is payable before they walk through the door. That means no risk for you - with maximum rewards.

Our fees are some of the lowest in the business and will be more affordable than you think.

Continuous communication

You will recieve an update on the progress of your candidates each and every week. This means that both you and your candidate are 100% informed for the entire duraation of the recruitment process. Our dedicated relocations coordinator will ensure that your nurses arrive informed, ready for work and happily settled.

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